Back to School

Hi everyone, welcome back! I hope you all had a fab half term and are all fully rested and ready to go! We have lots to pack into this term and you have made a great start this week. Well done everyone. You have all worked hard on your assessments this week and it has really paid off.

Homework this week is set out below. I have asked the children to take every opportunity to add numbers in their heads this weekend, whether it be adding up the bill in the shops or racing an adult to answer an addition sum in the car please keep using your addition strategies we have learnt. In Spellings over the next few weeks we will be looking at how words change when they are in their plural form. This week we are looking at words ending in y.
Homework Friday 8th November due in on Wednesday 13th November.

English- We have been looking at choosing the best words to make our writing interesting and exciting. Complete the sheet on Powerful verbs by choosing the best word to complete the sentence. Write the sentences in your book with your neatest joined writing.

Maths – Use an old shopping receipt to find 5 items of shopping. Try to add the prices together in your head to find a total cost of your 5 items. Write notes to record each step in your homework book. How much change would you get from £20.00 (if any??)


Pluralisation of words ending in y
Carries Cries Puppies
Cries Relies Worries
Marries Spies Parties
Relies Cities Relies
Spies Worries Tries
Tries Jellies Babies
Fairies Fairies Fairies
Donkeys Donkeys Donkeys
Plays Plays Plays
Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys

I know lots of you are planning to go to the fireworks this weekend so have a fantastic time and stay safe. I’m really sorry I won’t be there but can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday. Have a great weekend.


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