Homework, 22.11.13.

Hello Horse Chestnut Class. I really enjoyed reading your letters this week. You all had such an exciting weekend. Activities ranged from football matches, birthday parties, christenings and trips to Euro-Disney. One person even popped over to South Africa!!! I think you might all need a rest this weekend, but so that you don’t get too bored I have listed this week’s homework below….
All groups have the same spellings this week as we are looking at exceptions to the rules when spelling plurals.

Singular Plural
Mouse Mice
Goose Geese
Child Children
Fungus Fungi
Die Dice
Tooth Teeth
Sheep Sheep

Homework, due back Wednesday 27th November 2013

English- Reread the descriptive passage from “Treason” Finish the drawing you have started to show the image the passage created in your head. Please colour it carefully. If you have time, think about powerful words and phrases that would describe the image.

Please return your picture to me without scrunching it up!!!

Maths- See the separate sheet. You will need a ruler and sharp pencil to draw an accurate bar chart. Remember to give your graph a title and label the axis.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.


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