Homework 31st January

Hi all, another very busy week!!!  I would like to say a big well done and thank you for the way you have behaved this week.  You all coped with the change of classroom really well.  I have loved reading your stories this week and hope many of you will enter them into the short story competition being run by The Radio 2, Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

Homework Friday 31st January 2014, due back on Wednesday 5th February 2014.

Your homework this week is to design a School Games Mascot.  You can let your imagination run wild and create your mascot using pens, colouring pencils or collage, it is up to you.  Remember what the spirit of school sports is and try to incorporate this in your mascot.

Maths – We are preparing for an inter-house hit the button tournament that will be held after half term.  Please practice your Xtables.  I have given you a couple of empty multiplication grids to complete, you can either try to improve your personal best time OR try to beat a parent/big sibling. I have also set you an activity on Mathletics.

Spellings – I was really pleased to see that many of you had been learning your spellings this week.  Don’t forget to practice them daily.









Hope you all have a fab weekend.


Homework 24-01-14


I’ve really enjoyed our English this week.  You all shared interesting, mature and thought provoking opinions during our class debate: Should Xenotransplantation be encouraged?

After listening carefully to everybody’s ideas you must now make up your mind whether you are for or against the treatment. Write an argument using the writing frame to help you.  Remember to extend your argument by using connectives and if possible add some facts and figures to support your opinion.


It was great to see so many of you using mathletics last week. Remember if you have difficulty accessing a computer you can complete the challenges on a Monday lunch time in the IT Room with me. There is a new challenge this week and you also have 2 problems to solve.  Think about what you already know and what you need to find out before you start.

We will continue with our new spelling lists, I will provide you with 6 spellings which will be taken from a spelling pattern.  The other 4 spellings will be high frequency words that you spell incorrectly in your work. This week’s spellings all have a y with a ‘i’ sound.











 Have a great weekend.

Homework 17-01-14

Another great week has sped by, you are all working so hard at the moment, well done!! I was really pleased to hear that you have been reading the blog, I would love some suggestions about the sorts of things you would like to see on it.

Your homework this weekend is listed below. Have fun playing the math game and if you go shopping over the weekend make sure you check you have got the correct change.

Homework, Friday 17th January due back on Wednesday 22nd January.
English – Your task is to come up with at least 3 ‘Wow’ words to replace each of the following words:
Bad, Nice, Talk, Said, Think, Look, Big, Small, Went
Choose 5 of your new words and write a sentence with them.
Now come up with 5 words of your own that you can use next week in your class writing. They must be interesting and unusual. You must know their definition and how to use them properly. I will expect to see or hear you use them every day so, choose your words carefully.
Maths – Problem solving involving money. Remember to Log on to mathletics, there are activities and challenges for you to try. Your password is stuck in your homework book.


Remember you also have four spellings from your personal list.

Have a great weekend.

Homework 10-01-14,

Homework is due back on Wednesday 15-01-14.

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve only been back for a week.  You have all started 2014 with  great energy and enthusiasm!  Here is this weeks homework and as always, if you have any problems please come and talk to me.

English – In English this week we have been using direct and reported speech in our written work.

Please complete the sentences by adding the appropriate punctuation.

Maths – We have looked at place value and decimal fractions.  Please complete the sheets below.

Spelling are words that originate from Ancient Greece but are still commonly used today.

Ancient Greece Topic   Words