homework 07-02-14

I’m very excited to see a few more of you are using our blog and even leaving me comments, (thanks Aimee!!) I hope you will find it useful.  It has been a great week with lots of fantastic writing.  I have really enjoyed hearing your advice on how to avoid arguing with your parents, I wonder how many of you will follow that advice and do your homework without any nagging??!

What ever you are doing this weekend, have fun and try and stay dry 🙂

Homework this week is due back on Wednesday 12th February.

English – You have all signed on to ‘Read for my School 2014’ Please go on to the website and start reading, there are 100s of books for you to choose from and lots of prizes to be won.  The website can be found at www.readformyschool.co.uk   Remember your username and password are in lower-case letters.  If you have forgotten your password come and see me.

Maths – to complement our work on negative numbers please complete the sheet.  Could you also watch the weather forecast, look in the newspapers or research on the internet to find the temperature in  Sochi (where the winter Olympics are taking place) and the temperature in Kemble.  Which place has the coldest temperature?  What is the difference in temperature? Does the temperature change throughout the weekend? Is it different in the daytime and night-time?

Spellings – Due to our busy week we didn’t have a chance to do our spelling test this week, as a result I will test you on the “ou” spellings next week.


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