Homework 21st March

Hi everyone, here is this weeks homework due back in on Wednesday 26th.  Any problems let me know.

English- This week your homework is to talk!!!! On Monday you will be writing an autobiography.  In order to do so, you will need to research what you were like as a baby, memorable events and significant people in your life.  Talk to family members and share anecdotes.

Maths- We have been finding the area and perimeter of rectangles.  Use your skills to complete the sheet.  Remember, to find the perimeter you add all the sides of the rectangle.  To find the area you multiply the length times the width.

We are continuing to look at different suffixes in spellings.  This week we will look at what happens to the root word when we add ‘en’ or ‘er’.

Vowels Consonants
Explorer Sharpener
Teacher Manager
Designer Performer
Lengthen Gladden
Quicken Strengthen
Lighten Toughen

homework due back 12th March 2014

What a fantastic week, the newspapers you have produced are amazing.  It felt like a real newspaper office on Friday, working to a deadline.  Well done everyone.  Homework this week stays with the newspaper theme, so put your editor hats on and back to work!!!

English: Now you need to get a piece of writing ready to go to print.  If you want to use a computer to write the new copy that is fine, if not please use your best handwriting, remembering to join.

Maths: Next week we will be having a XTables Test.  Squares, I expect you to know your tables up to 8x.  You must be able to answer questions from any table without hesitation.  Pentagons and Rectangles, you need to learn your tables up to 12×12.  You also have an addition/subtraction sheet.  Use related facts to help you.

Due to our busy week we didn’t do spellings on Friday.  Keep practising your spellings ready for next week.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine.  Spring is here, Yippee!!!