Homework, due back on Wednesday 14th May.

Hi everyone.  I can’t believe it is homework time again, all these short weeks are making the term speed by!  I have been really impressed by your writing this week, some of the vocabulary you are using is really impressive, well done.   I have also noticed how well you are doing with your times tables. I know this will really help your maths, so keep up the good work. 

English/Science homework this week is to learn the poem “Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion” ready to perform it as a whole class later in the week.

Maths.  Each group needs to practice solving problems using multiplication and division.  Check your answers by using the inverse operation.

Spellings this week; please look at the spellings we have had to date and remind yourselves of the patterns we have looked at.  Think about root words when prefixes and suffixes are added, plurals and tricky words.  There is a word bank in your Guided Reading book that you can use too.

Any questions, please ask.


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