Week 4 spellings



vary – variable

reply – replied

marry – married

noisy – noisier

mercy – merciless

ready – readiness

grumpy – grumpily

shy – shyly

enjoy – enjoyable

destroy – destroying




rely – reliable

bury – buries

hurry – hurried

crafty – craftiness

carry – carrier

merry – merrily

apply – applying

enjoy – enjoyed

annoy – annoying

display – displays



Hi all, another great week!  We are all so busy at the moment Area Sport, Cricket, the violin concert on Tuesday and Sports day on Thursday, there is so much to remember!  I’m sure despite being busy you are all looking forward to seeing this weeks homework!

Homework, due back on Wednesday 2nd July

In Maths this week we have been using different methods to add and subtract.  Please complete the activities and think about whether it is appropriate to use a written method or mental strategies.  There is also an activity on Mathletics for you to complete.

This term we have been thinking about improving our vocabulary by using WOW Words. For homework you need to improve a list of words into wow word that mean almost the same thing, but are more ambitious and powerful words.

For our spellings this week we will continue to look at how to add suffixes to the root word.

Homework Due back on Wednesday 18th June

Hi Horse Chestnuts, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Homework, due back on Wednesday 18th June.

This week, in English, we have been using our research skills to write an information book.  For Homework you will need to do more research and locate key information.  As I’m sure you are aware, the World Cup has started, 32 countries will compete to win football’s ultimate prize, but how much do we know about these countries??  Each of you will pull a country out of the hat, you then need to find out as much as you can about your country.  Please tell me the Capital City of your country, if there are any places of interest/main attractions in the country, and at least 5 interesting facts.  You could include information about the sort of animals that can be found or the highest mountain, try to surprise me!  Can you also draw a picture of the flag?

Have a great weekend