Hi, what a busy week and as usual you have all been fantastic! Here is your homework for this week and remember, if you have any problems just ask.

Homework due back on Wednesday 24th September.

Maths: We have been looking at place value and number sequences in maths this week, please complete the activities on the sheet and talk about any patterns you notice with your parents or family members.
English: You have worked well at improving your writing by choosing the best words in the best order! Complete the sheet by choosing powerful verbs to make the sentences more interesting.
Please continue to read at home and record any comments in your reading diary.
Our Spellings this week continue to look at what happens to root words when we add the suffix ‘ing’. This week investigate words that end in e and words with a short vowel sound.

Commas Full Stops
Whining Waking
Living Taking
Choking Having
Braking Making
Hoping Hoping
Occurring Humming
Trimming Hopping
Stepping Sitting
Hopping Getting
plodding Shopping

Have a great week.


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