Homework 26-09-14

Hi Horse Chestnuts. Another busy week full of fantastic work and great ideas. Here is this weeks homework. If you can not access a computer for Bug Club, let me know and I will organise a time when you can go into the IT Room.

Homework due back on Wednesday 1st September
Maths: We have continued to look at place value and what happens to digits when we add and subtract. Please complete the activities on the sheet.

English: I have loved reading your stories this week and have been really impressed by the language and structure you have used. For homework please design a front cover and title for your story. I have given you a plain sheet of paper and a plastic wallet so it can be returned to school without getting creased or dirty as I would love to display some in the classroom. Tell your family all about your story.

Spellings this week look at contractions and how we use apostrophes.

Do not = don’t I had =I’d she has = she’s
Cannot = can’t I would = I’d he has = he’s
Is not = Isn’t I have = I’ve it is = It’s
Does not = Doesn’t I will = I’ll there is =there’s
Will not =won’t I am = I’m

Reading: Please log on to Bug Club. Groups: Red, Blue and Yellow read to the end of chapter 4 and make notes on the main events in the chapter. Green Group, please read to the end of chapter 1 of Moya and the Little Red Bull, were your predictions correct?


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