Homework, Due back on Wednesday 22nd April

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a really good break and are ready for a busy Summer Term.
You will be pleased to know that our chicks are happy, healthy and growing quickly. They are enjoying a new home at Butt’s Farm.

Our topics this term are equally exciting and I’m sure you have all told your parents about the fantastic Volcano that erupted in our class on Monday! In English we will be writing diaries and newspaper reports and in Maths we have been telling the time. Please make sure you practise reading different types of clocks and work out how long car journeys, television programmes or day trips out take.

Homework for this week:

Topic/English: On Monday, Horse Chestnut Class experienced an erupting volcano. For homework, try to imagine you were living in a village when a nearby volcano erupted. Write a diary entry to explain what you saw, how you were feeling and what you did. You only need to write one or two paragraphs but try to add lots of description, and think about your thoughts and feelings. Think about how you felt on Monday when the volcano erupted.

Maths: Please solve the time word problems.

Spelling: Revise adding prefixes to root words.

Have a great weekend.


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