Homework due back on Wednesday 13th May.

There is no homework this week as I know you are busy preparing your models and presentations, however please keep learning your times tables as you are all doing so well with your table races. It was bought to my attention that the maths sheet from last week did not photocopy well enough for some of the scales to be read, if you would like another copy then please see me before next Wednesday.

Topic/English: Use the information sheet to make a model to show the structure of the Earth. Prepare a short presentation to show what you have learnt. (No more than 3 minutes long.)
Maths: Over the last few weeks we have been converting units of measurements, complete the work sheet on capacity and scales. Revise Xtables up to: Y3 10x
Y4 12x
Spellings: Full Stops revise the ‘ough’ sound, Commas will learn words from the high frequency list.

Finally, please read to an adult at least 3 times each week and record this in your reading diary.


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