The Hare and the Tortoise

The Hare thought she was the speediest thing on four legs. She said to the Tortoise, “You will never find anyone faster than me.”

The Hare thought that she could beat anyone in a race, and she said so to the Tortoise. The Tortoise said, “Try me.”

So a race was organised. The Hare and Tortoise turned up at the track, and when the judge said, “GO!” the hare shot off. The tortoise set off at a slow speed, just trundling along.

Further along the track, the Hare decided that she had time for a quick sleep. She settled down underneath a huge tree, and dozed off. The Tortoise strolled by eventually, and tip toed past the Hare so he didn’t wake her up.

The race continued, and slowly, the tortoise got towards the finishing line. There was still no sign of the Hare. The tortoise walked through the winners tape, and was given a trophy for winning the race.

Just then, the Hare came hurtling round the corner, shouting, “I win, I win, I win!!!” But then she saw the tortoise holding the trophy, and could not believe her eyes. The tortoise laughed, and said, “Slow and steady wins the race.” His nickname from that day on was “Lightning”, because he beat the hare in the race.

Answer these questions in FULL sentences.

  1. What did the hare think she was good at?
  2. Which animal was the fastest runner?
  3. What did the hare decide to do further along the track?
  4. What did the tortoise do to make sure he didn’t wake up the hare?
  5. Who won the race?
  6. What was he given for winning the race?
  7. Why couldn’t the hare believe her eyes?
  8. What was the tortoise’s nickname?
  9. Why was he called this?
  10. What important lesson did the hare learn?

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