Homework, due back on Wednesday 11th November.

Another fast week, well done Horse Chestnuts, you are all working really hard.  It was great to be able to tell your parents what superstars you all are!  Here is this week’s homework, and remember, if you are stuck with anything or you have a question; don’t hesitate to ask.

English: Write an acrostic poem about Horrid Henry. Think about his personality, appearance, friends and enemies! Remember to choose the best words you can.

Maths :Division sheets using multiplication. Play the division games with a parent or friend.  Remember, you shouldn’t need to go through your tables from 1 X your recall should be super quick! http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button could be useful.  I have also given you your Mathletics passwords, there are lots of exciting games and songs which will help you learn your tables.

Spellings this week look at words with the suffix ‘ing’ and high frequency words.

Finally, please read to an adult at least 3 times each week and record this in your reading diary.

Spelling lists:

Group 1: Hopping, jogging shopping, grabbing,dropping, beginning, forgetting, Horrid, Perfect and Trousers

Group 2: Preferring, travelling, cancelling, occurring, committing, forbidding, regretting, Horrid, Perfect, Trousers


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