Welcome Back

Hi everyone,

You have all settled back into school life really well after our long summer break.   I am so proud of the way you have all knuckled down and got on with all your work, especially the Year 3 children, as moving to KS2 can feel like a big change.

I have sent out your Mathletics passwords and usernames in your homework books this week. If you find yourself with a spare 5 minutes, why not have a look at the games and maths practise on offer. Remember, always share what you are doing online with an adult and tell them if you see or hear anything unusual.

Homework due back on Wednesday 21st September

For homework this week, please decorate the first page of your homework book.  The page should include information about you, hobbies, family, and pets etc. Try to surprise me! If you want to stick in pictures you are welcome to do so.

You also have a profile sheet to complete with your parents’ help.  These are a valuable resource to ensure we work well as a team.

Spellings are slightly different this year. All children will be given 15 words. Everyone must learn the first 5 words. All children should learn the first 10 words and if you want a challenge, you could learn all 15 words.  Children will be awarded 1 housepoint for getting all of the spellings they attempt correct and an extra housepoint if they try to learn all 15. Spellings are taken from the Y3/4 spelling list.





·         Said

·         Some

·         Like

·         Children

·         People






·         Could

·         Want

·         Who

·         Everyone

·         Something





·         Laughed

·         Different

·         Friend

·         Please

·         Station

Finally, please read to an adult at least 3 times each week and record this in your reading diary.



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