Homework 23rd September

Another week has sped by and once again I am thrilled at the quality of your work. A big well done to all of you. I was especially pleased to be able to give out a handwriting pen in Golden Assembly, hopefully it won’t be long before I can give more away.

Homework this week:

In English we have finished Fantastic Mr Fox. Please complete a book review and give evidence from the text to support your opinions.If you are in Mrs. Parmar’s English Group, choose your favourite book to write about.

Maths sheets are revision of skills we have worked on this week involving Place Value. Please see the links on the maths page that can take you to some fun games too.

Spellings this week all have suffixes. Look at the pattern of doubling the last letter of the root word before adding the suffix.





·         bigger

·         hugged

·         sitting

·         fatter

·         running






·         hopping

·         jogging

·         grabbed

·         dropped

·         shopper





·         beginning

·         forgetting

·         forgotten

·         preferred

·         traveller




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