Week beginning 3rd October 2016

Hi Horse Chestnut class.  Hope you have all had a good week and are enjoying a well earned rest this weekend.  If you find yourself feeling a little bit bored, why not try some skipping. Remember our Jump off is being held on the 19th.

Homework for this week is as follows:

Homework due back on Wednesday 12th October

English: Complete the Spelling, grammar and punctuation questions. Use the glossary to help you.

Maths: To support our work on mental addition please complete the activities on Mathletics. Well done to everyone who completed the activities last week, please let me know if you are having any trouble accessing the site.

Spellings: Adverbs where the ending of the root word changes before adding ly.
• happily
• hungrily
• angrily
• easily
• crazily

• simply
• gently
• humbly
• nobly
• horribly

• basically
• frantically
• dramatically
• historically
• athletically

See you next week.