Book Week

Wow, what a great week and yet again, time has flown! Horse Chestnut Class have all worked so hard on making an information book on Australia. I have been so impressed at how well you have worked together to create a brilliant book. You have remembered to include so many features of information writing and a special thank you to Reuben for working so hard on the glossary.

I have put a link to a brilliant website which shows lots of Dreamtime Stories so I hope you find time to explore the site.

Homework due back on Wednesday9th November

English: Complete the Spelling, grammar and punctuation questions using the glossary to help.

Maths: Complete the questions using column addition.

Spelling: Use the suffix ‘ation’

Finally, please read to an adult at least 3 times each week and record this in your reading diary.





·         information

·         conversation

·         preparation

·         sensation

·         adoration






·         inspiration

·         transportation

·         consideration

·         inflammation

·         accusation





·         admiration

·         recommendation

·         cancellation

·         accusation

·         declaration


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