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Roald Dahl 100 Day

Roald Dahl Quiz

Try this Roald Dahl Quiz from Scholastic.  Can you score 10 out of 10?


Which Roald Dahl Character are you?

Take this online quiz  from Roald Dahl 100 to discover which character you are most like.  It’s great fun!


Roald Dahl Character Match

Can you match up the names of these Roald Dahl characters? It is harder than you think!


Roald Dahl Words

How good are you at working out the meaning of these fantastic words from different Roald Dahl stories?


Twits Game

This game from Roald Dahl 100 is fun to play


Roald Dahl Books

How many books by Roald Dahl can you correctly name in this quiz.  It  really makes you think!


14 Quizzes to keep you guessing!

14 different Roald Dahl related quizzes.  How much of a Roald Dahl expert are you?


Roald Dahl Quiz

Try this 10 question quiz to see hoe much of a Roald Dahl expert you are!

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